I am Advocate Inkosi Mwelo Nonkonyana, described by most as outspoken, frank and opinionated if I may add. And that description, such a narrative of my character is not too far from the truth. I admit, for I have strong views and I do speak my mind.

Born in the Transkei, under a time of great oppression and persecution in our country. I too craved needed to make an impact on the lives of the ordinary South Africans. I took it upon me to contribute to the change that our country desperately needed, for we could not go on as business as usual, a change had to transpire. And this is a fight I have dedicated my life too.

By no means of esteeming myself above the rest but I too have fought to transform our land. To live a better legacy for our children has always been the dream, to leave them with a land, that is better then when we had acquired it. And law to me, was and is the vehicle to go about change. A method which allowed me to pursue this agenda. It was the tool which transformation could occur hence my passion for this field.

I began my interest of being a lawyer in Jongilizwe College and decided to study law in the University of Fort Hare, where I was supported by the Transkei government. During my studies, I would work in Magistrates Court, where I had the opportunity to encounter lawyers such as the late Vabaza and L.L. Mtshizana practicing law. The Professors of Law at the University of Fort Hare also enhanced my interest and I passed B. Juris, which led to my decision to continue and further my studies with the University of South Africa. Whilst working for the government, I began this career as the Court interpreter, advanced to a Public Prosecutor and Magistrate.

Having passed LL>B I was admitted as an Advocate and employed as State Advocate in Transkei therefore I decided to do pupillage, to be able to practice privately as an Advocate. I have been practicing on my own from 1994 specializing in criminal law, civil litigation and Labor. I appeared mainly in the Supreme Court and sometimes in the Labor and Constitutional court.