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This proposal serves as the blueprint for the SA Football Association (SAFA) Presidential campaign for Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana heading to the Elective Congress on 24 March 2018.

Nonkonyana’s candidature is driven by a call to rescue SA Football from regressing and its desire to take its rightful place in Africa and the world. He believes that there is abundant talent in South Africa that need to be identified, developed and polished to produce world class soccer stars.SA football is a jewel that must be retrieved from mud of politics of favouritism characterised by factionalism and egotistic tendencies which militates against the character of football as a tool for nation building. SA Football does not deserve to have a National Male Senior team that participate in International tournament only by hosting such prestigious event and endure ridicule and tongue lashing by South Africans. It certainly does not deserve to be a laughing stock in Africa and be a skunk of the world!

South Africa has hosted 2010 FIFA World Cup and African Cup of Nations in 2013 and CHAN in 2014 and as such has wealth of football administrators from grass root level to National level to produce world class football machinery to drive development of football in line with the vision of a developmental state of our government. The state of administration of football in our county at all levels call upon all members of football family to rise and unite to reclaim our football and together enhance unity and take it to its rightful place in Africa and the world.

We will overhaul our administrative machinery to have selfless football administrators who will have the interest of football and this county and de driven by goal to excel in whatever they wii be doing. Youth Development, improving professionalism and establishment of dedicated units sharing a common vision to succeed will be put in place at all levels. In this regard all structures of SAFA should have offices and full time football developers that will be trained and equipped to drive football development at all levels. All our National teams will be administered by a Commercial Wing that will be led by persons with requisite skills and be able to generate income to assist the association in its agenda.

It is for this reason that things must change and we have a golden opportunity to change by electing leaders to dive a new vision for change. I believe we can and things will change after the election of a leadership to effect the necessary changes in SA Football.

This proposal will showcase the following:

- Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana SAFA synergy

- Planned media and public activities





Chief Nonkonyana is a qualified Advocate and traditional leader of the AmaBhala clan in the Eastern Cape. He is also the Chairman of Congress of South Africa and House of Traditional Leaders in the Eastern Cape Province.

He was born in Flagstaff, former Transkei (now Eastern Cape) on 11 January 1957 - the same year that the Confederation of African Football was formed. Being a football person through and through, he was an aspiring footballer while a scholar at Xurana J.S.S (Lusikisiki), Nonkonyana J.S.S and Mfundisweni High School (Flagstaff); Jongilizwe College of Traditional Leaders (Tsolo) and the University of Fort Hare in Alice.


1. Founder and player of Bhala Royals FC (now Nonkonyana Aces), Star of Pondo Royals FC (Flagstaff), Mount Frere Young Tigers, Amaziyoni F.C. (Ntabankulu), Matatiele United Brothers FC, Mthatha Liverpool FC.

2. Experienced Football administrator as evidenced by the following:-

2.1 Secretary of the Southern Transkei (Butterworth).

2.2 Chairperson of Mthatha Liverpool FC

2.3 President of SAFA Transkei from 1988, the first President of SAFA OR Tambo Region and as an Honorary President of SAFA OR Tambo Region.

2.4 Member of SAFA National Executive Committee and chaired the following standing committees:

i. SAFA appeals board

ii. SAFA Legal and confidential affairs committee.

iii. SAFA Provincial Affairs committee

iv. Various Ad Hoc committees

Chairman of the following SAFA entities

i. SA Football (PTY) LTD

ii. SAFA Development Infra – Structure Trust

iii. Local Organising Committee African Cup of Nations MPC 2013 and CHAN 2014

3. Served COSAFA and became a member of its legal affairs committee.

4. Served CAF and became a member of the following committees:-

4.1 Legal Affairs committee

4.2 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) /African Nations Championship (CHAN) Tournament

5. Acted as the President of SAFA on various occasions.

6. President of Transkei Sports Council.

7. Recipient of various sports awards

7.1 Eastern Cape

7.2 CAF



Sisa Mlamli Nkosiphendula Toivo ja Toivo Majola carries media and management experience having worked for a number of media titles that include The Citizen, the SA Press Association, Daily Sun/Sunday Sun (Media24).

Majola was also Communications Manager for Stadium Management SA (Pty) Ltd and is now giving Media, Public Relations and Communications consultancy services for clients in the sports field.




§ Provide stability to structures while retaining/recruiting good administrators and a structure that has more quality than quantity.

§ Fulfill SAFA mandate to develop football from grass root level through Local Football Associations that should constitute SAFA regions in all District and Mtropolitan Councils which in turn should constitute Provincial structures and have associate members as well as to assist the National Soccer League including Premier League to ru semi and professional league in accordance with a national agenda to have both world class football clubs and National teams administered by a world class football administration from club level..

§ Improve and make prominent Schools Football and ensuring participation is also at previously Model C schools (based on an ideology that SA football culture is similar to United States Sports and that schools being associate members of the association.

§ Improved relations with the Premier Soccer League.

§ Start Commercialised/Professional body that is a wing of the amateur SAFA body (Football SA) looking after the commercial (profit-making) aspect of the organisation where Bafana Bafana is the main product).



- World class football administration

- Financial administration by being accountable to members, sponsors and to be accountable to fans and supporters by publicising audited financial statements annually.

- Key female, former players and corporate business involvement in Executive and Managerial decision making.

- A SAFA commercial wing operating separate from the amateur body to support our national teams and to fund development programmes of the association.

- Ending of corruption, white collar crime and divisive politics which have hampered delivery and progress at the national office as well as with amateur/grassroots football structures

- Improved stakeholder relations




This campaign proposes that (despite legislative restrictions on this) the campaign follows a SAFA co-presidents campaign with Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana and Lucas Radebe being the Executive Leaders.

While they will both be strategic leaders, Nonkonyana on seniority and roles, will be the main president where he looks after the ‘political’ aspects of the structure (the national executive, the regions and international relations) assisted by Elvis Shishana.

Radebe will concentrate predominantly on the commercial football aspects (commercial, technical and SAFA development agency) assisted by Nomsa Mahlangu.

National Executive Members: To be elected at the Congress with better understanding of individuals in the coming weeks.

Co-Executive Presidents: Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana [Overall structural leader]

Lucas Radebe [Commercial]

Vice-Presidents:  Elvis Shishana

Nomsa Mahlangu

Dr. Irvin Khoza (Premier Soccer League Chairman)

Chief Executive Officer:  Ace Ncobo

Chief Operations Officer: TBC

SAFA Development Agency Manager: Senior Staffer in the organisation/ from the agency

International Relations: Pinky Lehoko

Communications Manager:  Vacant (Female)



Reporting to the Chief Executive and the Chief Operations Officers from the SA Football Association mother body. 

Events, Logistics Manager: TBC

Commercial/PR and Marketing Manager: Vacant (Woman or a person with strong commercial experience)

Football Manager (Team): Matlhomola Morake

Technical Director: Vacant

Head Manager (Previously coach): Stuart Baxter



§ Public Announcement

[Argument: Need for a more transparent administration: Note the financial year-ends, the Siyaya TV deal, continuous poor Bafana Bafana display, time for commercialised methods from SAFA in the same form of SA Rugby and Cricket SA, cite self-serving Danny Jordaan regime that has progressed backwards instead of forward considering his experience, the 2010 Fifa World Cup and that he serves on commercial FIFA boards).

§ Lobby Executive as well as National Executive Committee.

Lobby Regions. I advise that these duties be split between Chief Nonkonyana and Radebe across the 52 regions. The Radebe ticket – because it is time that former players played a critical role in the administration and the executive of the FA.

§ Positions key in reflecting South African demographics and dynamics in line with the SAFA legislation and the South African constitution.

§ Lobby key former players and look at presenting to them. I would advise in reaching George Dearnaley, John Moeti, to name a few.

§ Lobby the influence of the likes of Alpha Mchunu, seasoned campaigners that can contribute meaningfully towards the end goal and the success of the New SAFA.

§ Involve the influence of Tokyo Sexwale, who serves in the FIFA structures and has had no support from the current SAFA administration.

§ Give assurance to SAFA staff publically and internally about security of jobs while maintaining that quality of work outcome will be far important.

§ Lobby Sports and Recreation as well as African National Congress support through presentation of ideas and getting their feedback on how football can be better served.

§ Give assurance to the technical team and New Vision. Ensure that you clearly state that Stuart Baxter could not perform miracles in a matter of month and would like a situation where a coach (especially one that is as good a man-manager as he is) should be given an opportunity to at least be supported towards Qatar 2022 even if Bafana Bafana fails to reach Africa Cup of Nations. Let’s build long-term, short-term solutions have been downfall of team. Let’s back one man for a long term. This assurance will go a long way in getting former players support.

§ Always insist that current Vice-Presidents Shishana and Nhlapho were overpowered by authoritarian leadership of Danny Jordaan and Dennis Mumble.


§ Danny Jordaan will always play dirty internally and in public. Avoid mudslinging with him and avoid his recent personal rape accusation. Keep it football. Ensure that the public is aware that Danny Jordaan has the incredible ability to silence those that go against him and has been that way since SAFA inception in 1992. Mention that staffers as well as his current Executive are also disenchanted because of his selfish measures. Time for change. Time for a new direction. Time for new leadership.

§ Making extra comments on current SAFA plight outside of lack of administration from current administration and a need for our FA to study the success stories of how SA Rugby and Cricket SA were able to commercialise themselves by having a professional and an amateur body.



This is of initially planned public activities heading with the first phase concentrating until the end of February 2018 that will be constantly reviewed (the successes, shortcomings, forced changes after regular briefs with Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana.


- Getting public support and momentum heading to court hearing and against the current SAFA administration.

- Getting the desired media mileage to maintain the pressure. With a few months to go – key is public exposure and public presence.

- Building and maintaining current regional support.

- Getting the support of football structures, the general public, administrators and key business corporate personnel.

- Maintaining pressure on Danny Jordaan and current regime, who currently insist regional support despite calls for change.


This forms part of Phase One in publicity and the only one that will be done in this blueprint. Phase One is the initial phase which includes announcements as we plan towards a complete campaign document. Phase two will include the lobbying, the media and sponsor opportunities heading towards the Elective congress itself.


Phase One Date


Expected Outcome

First week January 2018

Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana to announce his candidacy for the Elective Congress while campaign is still trying to tap Lucas Radebe and other key people in this campaign.

Media exposure (highlight that there is a lot of non-transparency under Jordaan regime and that it is also time to have commercial wings like SA Rugby to professionalise football). I advise this announcement is made a Sunday Times or City Press exclusive,

Second week January 2018

Announce that the campaign has started earnestly and that you would like to have Lucas Radebe as co-president of the Association as you want to look after the amateur side and the professional side. Also announce that in the new administration it would be beneficial to have a leader running the day-to-day of the business as CEO and that you would also like to see more females in the structures.

Across all media – focus on Daily Sun/Sunday Sun and City Press markets.

Times Digital

Coastal Newspapers

Official start the Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana twitter social page with posts for each day.

Third week January 2018

Announce Lucas Radebe interest to be co-president after some discussions with him formally while maintaining that Danny Jordaan regime was a cloud of secrecy, unhappiness, non-success and that for a man with 2010 Fifa World Cup success, expectations was that he would bring a more commercialised model to SA football. SAFA needs a fresher approach and more involvement from footballers (hence Radebe nomination) and that the plan is to have more footballers serving in the NEC if possible.

Metro FM

The weekly newspapers

Leak that in your mind, though you have not approached, you would like to have Nomsa Mahlangu involvement, the integral role of female administrators and corporate business involvement.

Final week

January 2018

Media visits to radio, print and television stations in Johannesburg that will include SABC (Radio stations like Ukhozi FM, Umhlobo Wenene, Lesedi FM, Morning Live, eTV, Power FM

Day spent with media where we present plans and objectives of the campaign.

February 2018

(Date TBC)

Politics-style opinion piece that will be sent to either the Sunday Times Opinions or the City Press Voices segment which details the plans of the campaign, the need for change in SA football structures, make the general public understand the importance of commercialising while modeling the same methodologies and ideologies of Cricket SA and SA Rugby.

Campaign piece that will showcase the advancement of Chief Nonkonyana’s plans and vision…and that this was not just another ‘random’ campaign to lead SAFA.

Plan towards completion of Phase One that will be implemented Mid-January after review of the previous weeks and the general reaction from the public.

Plan towards media/publicity for Chief Nonkonyana to start off year where he will have his character given exposure.


§ Anele Mdoda (SABC 3) – Talk about the Chief, his history and background, his vision for football in this country and the importance of transparency and involvement of former players.

§ YFM – Youth market – not as intense as most platforms but the need to gain the attention of the younger market. Talk about importance of schools sport, why important that the youth play a role in the future of this country through supporting their team and through playing sport.

§ eShibobo (eTV) – fly/transport eTV to Flagstaff, in the Eastern Cape where they have the experience of Chief Nonkonyana in his backyard, him talking about the local football set ups and the need to improve the standard of rural football. Give public a better understanding of who Chief Mwelo is and where he is heading. This will be a planned for activity.

Publicity for Chief Nonkonyana and the campaign itself.

§ Finalise unique plans that will include a campaign website and also (maybe) a paid-for television and radio advert. This will be based on agreements we reach with production company that will do the video/message, SABC platforms rates, and whether this should be sold through our website and social media.



§ Public Announcement with a press statement and exclusive leak

- [Leak to Daily Sun as the most read daily publication – 3 January 2018

- [Public Statement – 6 January 2018]

- Radio and Print interviews on Chief Nonkonyana availing his candidacy


§ Press Conference with Lucas Radebe

- [Press Conference by Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana announcing candidature and denouncing SAFA proclamations against his and Lucas Radebe ineligibility at FNB Stadium – 18 January 2018 – slight change of plan]


§ Print, television and radio interviews on prime national and regional channels that have covered Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana since announcements

- Times Media Digital

- SABC TV News

- eTV and eNCA TV

- SABC Radio Sports


- Umhlobo Wenene FM

- Ukhozi FM

- Metro FM

- Power FM

- eShibobo FM

- Munghana Lonene FM

- Lesedi FM

- Kick Off Digital

- Soccer Laduma

- Daily Sun

- City Press

- Sunday Times

- ANN7


- Facebook, Twitter pages (Chief Nonkonyana and @ChiefMwelo18)

- Establish a ChangeIsNow Facebook page for public debate on football and Association matters and updates

- Implement the readily available website page. With time constraints, this has been on hold.



§ Colours (green and gold)

§ Planned tshirts at Chief Nonkonyana court hearing on Monday, 29 January 2018 that will be captured by media and on social media.

§ Planned backdrops and branding that will be available on the second week of February 2018

§ Pamphlets. Ambush marketing at some of the major venues and fixtures where we give away these short but direct messages

§ Overhead balloon helicopter at major events, the upcoming Soweto Derby for example, with a message (Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana for SAFA President. #ChangeisNow).




§ A people’s person and laid back leader.

§ Astute and patient.

§ Expects positive outcomes from those serving under him at each time and does not support mediocrity.


§ To not always be seen as a leader in suits and tie and to remain approachable from fellow statesmen to all staff working under him.


§ Defensive when placed in the corner to a point where he avoids public eye.

§ Defensive (and at times destructive) against voices that are against him.

§ Does not have the support of his own Executive as well as internal staff at the national head office (SAFA House).

§ Still has the lingering FBI case against him with a lot of underhand tactics being suspected.

§ Too many secrets…like how he may be responsible for SAFA selling FNB Stadium to Government Department of Public Works and the City of Johannesburg and now wants to use underhand tactics and political clout to reclaim the facility as surety to banks.

§ The Pickard Commission where he and Dennis Mumble were fingered over a lot of controversies pertaining to money paid to them and contracts signed by them without NEC knowledge.

§ Too many hidden information that is known mostly by himself and Mumble…like clarity over the 2010 FIFA Legacy Trust and also the botched Siyaya TV announcement (after being announced and also added to the 2015 Financial year-end statements). This exclusive satellite deal has long collapsed with terrestrial rights given to SABC – more clarity on this is needed to the general public and possibly to his own Executive and NEC members needed.

§ Lack of support from the media who view him as aloof, pompous and pretentious. He avoids them at all cost more so in the light of the FBI investigations into FIFA scandals from 2015.

§ No support from women within the structure, including one that has been tipped highly to serve in the administration, that he does not respect them within the structure. Most are considering him to be superficial.


§ Is a master of the political game and of the football politics having been in the front line of the set up from the onset.

§ Is an ANC member.

§ Master at destroying and silencing his critics and those that he considers his detractors…(the list also includes Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana who will have to master the art of not being drawn into his bait, of avoiding a personal one-one-one media game challenge…the Chief has got to be Mr. Cool and Mr. Sensible at all times.)

§ May be able to influence and sweeten support of current NEC members, should they not see the light or be scared of losing their positions with a new regime in charge.


§ Sensitive. Best if confirmed by Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana in person and not in writing, a number of regions have given strong support for his involvement but have been muzzled.


§ To be discussed and structured formally under the guidance of Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana and his vice Presidents looking after the commercial aspects of the Association.

* The email will not be published on the website.