26 May

CHIEF Mwelo Nonkonyana who has challenged his removal as Vice President of SAFA and whose several cases are pending before Southern Gauteng Local Division in Johannesburg has vowed to fight to the bitter end for nullification of holding of elective congress by SAFA in Johannesburg yesterday.

The entire process followed by Dr Jordaan’s leadership has been riddled with gross violations of SAFA Statutes and all regulations governing elections of leadership of SAFA and I wish to highlight the following:-

1.    As I indicated when I launched my Campaign to contest the position of President of SAFA, the decision of SAFA congress in March this year is unconstitutional in that the constitution prescribed that the decision of the extra ordinary congress held on 21 October 2017 to hold the election earlier was unconstitutional and was a blatant strategy by Dr Jordan and his honchos to elect him unopposed. SAFA constitution prescribes that its elective congress should to take place no longer than November.

2.    The constitution prescribed that at an elective congress the activity report as well as audited financial statements must be tabled and approved and no such report s were tabled and considered by the congress because the audited financial statements by KPMG last December reported a turnaround strategy and the preliminary findings by my financial gurus I commissioned reveals that monies from entities distinct from SAFA were included to provide for a positive financial outlook.

3.    The decision by the congress late last year at the instance of a proposal from Mkhanyakude whose congress was nullified by SAFA and whose President was elected at an unconstitutional congress in question. The constitutional provisions can never be amended by resolution. SAFA proposed constitutional amendments must be sent to members with clear motivation to enable the members to make an informed decision whether to support or reject the proposed amendments and above all such amendment must be adopted by voting in a secret ballot and be sent to FIFA for certification.

4.    SAFA was forced to postpone the elective congress on 24 March 2018 because of overwhelming objections. SAFA was ordered on 22 March 2018  by Southern Gauteng Local Division of the High Court in a case between members of SAFA Waterburg region in Limpopo that:

1.    The quadrennial congress should be postponed indefinitely

2.    Should SAFA decides to hold an elective congress it must do so in compliance with its constitution and Electoral code.

3.    The congress should take place only after SAFA complied with its constitution and electoral code.

5.    SAFA in flagrant disregard of the court order convene its national executive council on 28 March 2018 and resolved to appoint Auditors and Electoral committee and decided to convene another extraordinary congress and coerced its members to approve both new auditors and the Electoral Committee in violation of its constitution and court order. As if this was not enough they directed the Electoral Committee which is composed of their friends and thus cannot be objective, appointed them to take over the electoral process and not to administer the process from the beginning as required by the constitution.

6.    SAFA ought to have started the entire electoral process from the beginning and allow Local Football Associations (LFAs) ,the  regions as well as well as the Provincial structures to align their constitutions and to conduct elections supervised by Electoral Committees elected in terms of the Electoral codes that should be aligned to SAFA Statutes. This never happened!

7.    Earlier in the year I voiced my concerns about the supposed under-hand dealings from the Football Transformation Forum (FTF) in some of the SA Football Association (SAFA) regions ahead of the Elective Congress and the involvement of members of the SAFA national Council in conducting elections to make sure that the leadership from regions is the leadership to support to support the re-election of the leadership under Dr Jordaan and to remove all members of the Council that were opposed to the manner Dr Jordaan was handling our football affairs in this country. As a result both Vice Presidents and many progressive members of the Council have not been elected at the sham congress.

8.    I wish to applaud Mr Ace Ncobo for maintaining a principled stance that an elective congress of SAFA can only be held in terms of SAFA Statutes and in accordance with Electoral code and refused to be part of the unconstitutional meeting. I salute him and call upon all those who uphold and respect the constitution of SAFA to follow his stance and to distance themselves from illegitimate leadership that was “elected” at the meeting in question.

9.    I am happy to announce that many regions have vowed to support me and many leaders of SA Football in challenging the convention and all the decisions adopted at the meeting in question. We will instruct our lawyers to lodge application to quash the holding of the elective congress yesterday and to set aside the “election” of the leadership at such a meeting.

10.  I wish to reveal that early last week I wrote to Honourable Minister of Sport to intervene and it is regrettable that she could not find time due to Parliamentary duties. I attach hereto a copy of the letter I had written to her and copied to SASCOC.


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